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Call Taking & Dispatching

The Call Center and Automatic Dispatch modules, designed to create efficiency for the most critical components of the transportation industry, are the foundations of IT Curves’ software solution. The booking of trips can be completed through our powerful call center software. IT Curves’ software solution also offers the MARS booking application as an add-on. The booking app is available to customers from iTunes and the Google Play Store for their smart phones. Customers may also use Web Reservation to book their trips. Our software also allows the insertion of bulk trips through the import file utility.

IT Curves’ software solution also offers the MARS booking application as an add-on.
IT Curves’ Auto Dispatch uses multiple dispatch methods including first-in-zone, nearest cab, co-located stand or a hybrid of these methods, which ensures minimal wait times for customers and enhanced efficiency for your business.

Call Center features

    Our call center provides many features to ease the call takers’ tasks:
  • IT Curves’ integrated telephony uses caller ID to find the customers’ previous trip records
  • The pickup address is verified using map controls and look-up address, and the location is saved for accurate dispatch
  • Company-specific points of interest can be saved for quick reference
  • Drop-off location is optional at time of reservation and enables map to calculate cost estimates for trips if provided
  • The call center can book returns or multileg trips, with or without specific driver or vehicle assignments
  • Trips can be scheduled as one time or recurring for selected times and days of the week over a given period

Dispatch System features

    Our intelligent Automated Dispatch process is a powerful system offering the following features:
  • Multiple auto dispatches can run on multiple machines, allowing unlimited growth
  • Software allows dispatch determination based on driver ranking, distance to pickup location, or both
  • The co-located stand policy is designed for calls from hotels that go to taxis in line at the hotel stand.
  • The dispatch system gives higher priority to scheduled and high priority calls
  • Trips that cannot be processed due to high call volume and vehicle unavailability are automatically flagged for manager attention
  • Trips in distant zones or at busy times are placed on a “wall” so that drivers may do the job selection themselves.


  • Feature-Rich Call Center

  • Points Of Interest (POI)

  • Standing and Multi-Orders

  • Dispatch Policies

  • Live Map and Playback

  • Whether you are in the taxi, paratransit, or limousine business, our comprehensive package will provide your company with these essential applications...

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