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In-Vehicle Equipment

No taxi dispatch system is complete without the proper in-vehicle equipment. The vehicle is where your passengers get the most exposure to your business. IT Curves’ Driver App with Soft Meter and Backseat Passenger Interface provides the intelligent communication your passengers–and drivers–need for reliable and convenient service from the time a driver starts their day to the last passenger leaving the vehicle.

No taxi dispatch system is complete without the proper in-vehicle equipment.
Our In-Vehicle Equipment solutions completes the cycle of providing transportation service with a comprehensive front seat driver interface for trip dispatch and communications, softmeter for simplified business models, and backseat passenger interface for collecting payment and displaying image and video content for passengers.

power to the passenger

  • Multiple payment methods including Tapto-Pay, EMV chip, smart phone app, cash, and magnetic strip reader
  • Large 7” full color screen for vibrant display
  • View route to destination, ETA, or enter a new destination for easy driver navigation
  • View videos and images of local info, entertainment, and advertisements
  • Enter email or phone number to receive a digital receipt
  • View driver ID and company info
  • Add driver tip by percent or flat value
  • Rate service quality at the end of the trip

Exceeds Regulations

    Our Backseat interface meets some of the toughest requirements for city jurisdictions, including the District of Columbia.
  • Sensitive credit card data is stored with the processor, not in the dispatch system
  • Audio speech enabled for the visually impaired
  • Emergency buttons for passenger to discreetly request assistance from police, medical, or fire departments
  • Display and update public service announcements (PSA) and safety information
  • Automatic taxi domelight on/off


  • Displays detailed customer/trip information

  • Wall trips for driver to self-dispatch

  • Direct dispatch or bidding system

  • List of zones and upcoming trips

  • Manifest list breakdown in order of stops

  • Whether you are in the taxi, paratransit, or limousine business, our comprehensive package will provide your company with these essential applications...

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