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Build your business for the future with IT Curves solutions for limousines

IT Curves builds its suite of software solutions to fit every aspect of the licensed ground transportation industry, and in particular the limousine businesses in the modern age of smart phones and mobile apps. . Limousines can develop a loyal clientele and exclusive business relationships – keys to a healthy and sustainable business.

Our Invoicing and Billing software makes it simple to set up post-paid accounts for regular customers, simplifying payments for ongoing business and encouraging exclusivity. Booking trips via MARS, an easy to use and feature rich offering loyalty points and incentives will enhance your business tremendously.

The limousine industry, like the taxi industry, is feeling competition by unregulated transportation network providers, like Uber, with a resulting loss of potential customers. What drives customers to TNCs has primarily been the convenience of booking through mobile apps and the fact that customers increasingly rely on modern mobile phone apps to conduct business.

Some Limousine company take comfort on the fact that TNCs provide some trips and sometimes a large percentage of rides that a limousine company performs. It must be noted that while TNCs provide certain revenue stream to these limousines companies, they are robbing them of their valuable brand name and their even more valuable customer base. Soon after the customer base shifted to TNCs is completed, they will shift the drivers also out of limousines companies, leading to elimination of this industry as is known today.

IT Curves levels the playing field for traditional limousine services by offering the most modern and feature-rich mobile phone booking app available – the MARS booking app – exclusively for traditional regulated transportation service providers, including both limousines and taxis. IT Curves augments this customer-friendly Booking App with a suite of integrated software modules for automatic, semi-auto or manual dispatching and scheduling, the Call Center, and payments and driver lease or commission management.

With the Invoicing and Billing software, even smaller limousine companies will have what they need for running their limousine with modern, competitive efficiency and allow for postpaid accounts. For larger companies or consortia run by a centralized dispatcher, our Integrated Telephony software enables dispatch management of multiple companies or multiple independent drivers.

IT Curves' software solutions are giving the transportation service industry the tools it needs to compete in the modern mobile marketplace and win its business back from TNCs.

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