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Perfect Implementation of One-City-One-App, and much more

IT Curves has used its experience in the transportation service industry to create a complete set of software solutions for transportation service providers covering and end-to-end intelligent transportation software (ITS) system.MARS is the most effective and most powerful app in the industry today. In side by side comparison MARS beats Ubers App in feature and quality hands done, and that is not all.

MARS works exclusively with the licensed transportation service provider and gives this industry the one tool they need to compete effectively with upstart Transportation Service Networks (TNCs) like Uber. MARS is a universal booking app for smart phones that gives customers the convenience and power to choose taxi, limousine, shuttles, and paratransit services taking into account their regulations. Riders can quickly and easily book their trip while knowing they are hiring the transportation services in the area which is regulated for Safety, fares, and other appropriate measures.

Why has Uber and other transportation network providers been able take business from taxi and limousine services? Because Uber puts a simple booking app in the hands of every potential customer with a smart phone.

The users enjoy the simplicity of the app and underestimate the dangers of unregulated drivers. MARS in simplicity and features easily surpass uber by a great distance, it works everywhere and with every phones, and yet in every region complies with the local jurisdiction’s regulations. MARS offer the advantage of simplicity and user touch , but instead of linking rider with the average unlicensed and in many instances dangerous Uber drivers, it links them with a branded, licensed, regulated, and trusted taxi or limousine service that, in most cases, has been serving your city for years.

MARS servers the riders with a feature rich app, servers the regulatory bodies with the complying with regulation, and serves transportation services providers with the ability to manage their fleet and their services.

TNCs focused only on one pillar to enrich their shareholder with complete disregard to regulations and to management of service, MARS focuses on at least three pillars to provide great app to serves the public, while remains in full compliance with regulations, and provider’s powerful management for fleet managers.

MARS is full of extra features that appeal to the modern, mobile-phone-savvy customer and make the transportation experience enjoyable. It gives them the ability to see their options clearly, with real-time visual tracking of drivers and vehicles, information on vehicle types and drivers, tracking of driver location and arrival time, and the ability to quickly select and book trips, whether for immediate pickup or pickup at a future time or date. And payments are fully flexible, with the convenient option to safely pay through the MARS app itself.

MARS also empowers transportation service providers, not only by creating a modern customer interface that enhances the customer experience, but also by providing the transportation service provider the flexibility and monitor and control the quality and timeliness of their services.

MARS allows each service providers define the regulatory requirements of their operation into an easy to use portal. MARS then comply with regulation of service area for pick up and drop, fare regulation for estimating the trip cost, and many other regulatory matters.

The MARS-branded app incorporates local service provider’s brand name and logos into every feature, shows the vehicle color of your fleets on map, and represents the type of vehicles and services your company offers.

MARS Branded App advertises your name and brand, while still work everywhere and on every phone. You have the eyeball of your customers while they are in your area, and while they are on another coast.

MARS integrates the booking and payment process and works seamlessly with IT Curves' Call Center and Dispatch software so that you always know what's happening, where your drivers and customers are, the payment method for each trip, and the quality of service your fleet is providing.

IT Curves software is designed to help the transportation service provider compete in the modern mobile world with its suite of software solutions to cover every aspect of running your transportation business.

MARS is the customer app that will connect your business with the modern customer while working seamlessly with ITCurves' other solutions for complete management of taxi, limousine, and paratransit services.

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