MARS Booking App

Feature Rich, Friendly for rider, helpful to fleet, compliance with regulations

The MARS booking app makes customer booking simple and powerful, giving customers flexibility in booking, timely information about vehicles, schedules, and fares, simple and fast payment options, and real-time information about pickup time. It's available for smart phones running iOS, Android, and Microsoft systems, making it universal, and can integrate with any transportation service provider worldwide.

While providing an appealing and easy-to-use interface for the customer to customers to book their trips in few simple steps, it gives the transportation service provider ability to monitor their services and receive rating feedbacks from customers. MARS streamlines the booking and dispatch process, makes payment processing quick and efficient, provides useful information for customers, including trip and payment history, current location, and route information. It also integrates with our Calling Center and Dispatch software to enable a central dispatcher to oversee both phone- and app-based ride requests.

Customers and drivers appreciate features that make communications clear and help to ensure a successful and stress-free trip, including driver-initiated alerts for customers when drivers arrive, real-time tracking of vehicles on the map en route to pickup, message delivery to driver for special instructions or to alert driver of changes in itinerary.

Furthermore, MARS allows one touch calls from riders to his assigned driver and from driver to his assigned customer while keeping driver’s and customer’s numbers private by masked the called and caller numbers with the company phone number. This means customer and his driver can talk for additional information without revealing their number to each other.

IT Curves, business positions MARS to work exclusively with licensed Taxicab and limo industry giving these industries the mobile presence they need to compete in the modern marketplace against the largely unregulated transportation network companies. Since the MARS app can be branded for service Provider Company, it can be part of your marketing strategy, helping you to differentiate yourself and promoting customer loyalty.

MARS is packed with useful features (too many to mention), and IT Curves is using its experience in the industry to continue creating and improving features to make it work for the Taxicab and Limousines and its customers better every day.

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