IT Curves manifest builder is
what every PARATRANSIT service Providers needs

"Specialized tools that maximize efficiency and
provide value to your business"

IT Curves provides specialized integrated solutions that fit the needs of the paratransit industry in multiple modules. Central to any Paratransit service provider daily work flow is an efficient route making strategies to minimize operation and capital costs and time while maximizing service to the customer.

That's why we created Manifest Builder, which incorporates thousands of trips into routes and timetables and allow for direct dispatching of these manifest to driver tablets in the vehicles, which save time and money for the service provider. Our back office modules and driver tablets are fully integrated finally making your driver an integral part of your management process.

In the past, when drivers were sent out with paper manifest, despite all effort in the back office to make efficient routes, lack of dynamic update of manifest disallow sustainable efficiency.

IT Curves keeps your drivers manifest on his electronic tabled up to date on minute’s bases, allowing to add or remove trips from any route while in progress. This dynamic assignment and dynamic route making algorithm allows operation to maintain the efficiency throughout the day and while operation is in progress. Furthermore, it allows the system and management to deal with unexpected traffic and weather events dynamically and as these events occurs. Manifest Management module is integrated additional modules for monitoring of performance through graphs and maps showing each routes performance.

Additionally manifest are integrated with electronic signature capture on the driver device and electronic billing that incorporate the rider’s signature. Integrated Telephony system can call riders in advance with schedule of their pickup through an automated voice response system.

IT Curves’ MARS booking app and our suite of enterprise management software provide a complete and integrated package of applications for paratransit and shuttle service providers.

Why do paratransit service providers need better apps for their businesses? Because increasingly, transportation network companies (TNCs) are entering this segment of transportation business. TNCs are approaching government agencies with offer of lowering their costs and help their budget short falls. They want to enter this segment and usurp the traditional service providers, yet don't comply with regulatory schemes developed to protect the public and ensure fairness in the marketplace and don't have the same costs of operation.

IT Curves gives the current paratransit serviced providers tools and the ability to compete with these newcomers at every level, including not only by making the booking process simple and convenient, but also by providing management software to make every aspect of their business more efficient. More efficient routes, while compliance with paratransit requirements and contractual constraints helps current service providers sustain their current contracts and win additional business. We developed our Fleet Management software specifically to keep on top of scheduled maintenance, unexpected repairs, parts inventories, and to manage the licensing and inspection requirements.

  • Whether you are in the taxi, paratransit, or limousine business, our comprehensive package will provide your company with these essential applications...

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