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IT Curves offers an integrated suite of software solutions to meet all the management needs of Transportation Service Providers (TSPs).
Because traditional TSPs are experiencing unprecedented competition from unregulated Transportation Network Companies (TNC) such as Uber, whose main appeal to the consumer is ease of use – particularly to the mobile saavy – we offer M.A.R.S (Mobile App Roaming System), a state of the art app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones (available on iTunes and Google Play store) that is easy to use for the consumer and promotes efficiency of operation and competes effectively with TNC mobile apps for convenience. M.A.R.S. works with all of our integrated services to provide the consumer with the best options for their needs and the fastest and most reliable service possible – all from licensed TSPs.

Our Call Center and Vehicle Dispatch software is the heart of the operation, providing a complete solution for dispatch that can be easily tailored to follow company dispatch policies while making the dispatch process efficient and flexible and ensuring the customers are served as quickly and efficiently as possible.
For shared ride services, such as paratransit, our Manifest Builder module calculates optimal ride-sharing routes to save time and minimize costs. Paratransit operators are constantly challenged to operate at lower cost, more efficiently, with less vehicles and less operating hours. IT Curves software is designed to optimize for both of capital cost (number of vehicles) and operating costs (hours of operation). IT Curves route maker and Efficient Ride Sharing Algorithm (ERSA) is designed to consider the constraints such as pickup and drop off windows requirements as well as maximum ride times.

For business management, we offer an equally complete set of software modules that integrate well with our dispatch software. ITCurves' Cashier keeps track of drivers charges, credits, and all payments and makes it easy for the business staff to verify trips associated with payments and to reconcile drivers payments to drivers with drivers lease obligations.
The Invoicing and Billing Module streamlines business transactions between the TSPs and business or government clients who establish pre or post-paid accounts, making it easy for the customer and encouraging their exclusive use of your services. The Invoice and Billing system can offer from most detailed trips information to a summary invoice depending on your client requirements.

OurFinally, we offer tools for making the infrastructure of your business run as seamlessly and stay vital. The Fleet Management module organizes all aspects of fleet maintenance and licensing, keeping track of maintenance and upkeep schedules, licensing schedules, and repairs, including a parts inventory and ordering system to streamline the repair process.
Our Integrated Telephony system and Integrated Voice Response System (IVR) enables call taking for multiple TSPs very efficiently. It records all calls in digital format for management to monitor the calls for quality control as well complaints resolutions. The Phone system integrates with both driver and customer Booking App to allow driver and rider contact each other directly without viewing or knowing each other numbers streamlining communications and dispatch.


  • Whether you are in the taxi, paratransit, or limousine business, our comprehensive package will provide your company with these essential applications...

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