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IT Curves gives taxis flees the power to compete in today’s fast paced business, where integration of different department in your business is a key to running a successful business.

IT Curves integrated suites of software modules provide everything a taxi company needs to modernize its booking and management operations and compete efficiently in the marketplace. The taxi industry in cities around the world has seen dramatic change, with unregulated transportation network services drawing business away from traditional taxi and limousine services. But taxi and limousine industries have strengths and advantages built over decades that they can leverage, to maintain their business strength and thrive in a changing environment and in competition with these new disruptive competitions.

In recent years, while taxi businesses were still using decades-old systems for dispatching and connecting with customers – largely via phone calls to a central dispatcher by customer and radio communicating with taxis, or hailing a taxi on the street – transportation network companies were being created entirely around mobile phone apps.

These apps simplified booking, appealing at first to a tech savvy customer base and soon after to very large user of smart phones at large. At the same time app driven dispatch system enabled the mobilization of a large network of amateur drivers to provide the so called ride-share.

But the temporary strength of these transportation network companies (TNCs) is their long-term weakness, as regulators, insurance companies begin to impose restrictions on this industry and as the public recognizes the value of a properly regulated professional taxi services.

What can traditional taxi industry do to compete effectively with transportation network companies? They can modernize and beat them at their own game. IT Curves provides a complete solution for the modernizing your operation which allow competing and wining your business back. IT Curves’ easy to use and thorough suite of software solutions for dispatch, payment, communication, and management are the tools you need to win this battle with the TNCs. With our centerpiece MARS booking app, we help taxi companies connect with the modern customer, making in-app booking and payments via the app easy and efficient, giving the fleets of taxis and limousines the tools they need for a successful and positive business.

  • Whether you are in the taxi, paratransit, or limousine business, our comprehensive package will provide your company with these essential applications...

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