Turnkey Solutions

Multiple modules are assembled seamlessly to a complete solution that integrate your business and your work flow

IT Curves has used its experience in the transportation service industry to create a complete set of software solutions for transportation service providers covering and end-to-end intelligent transportation software (ITS) system.

IT Curves modules includes:

  • most advance Taxi Booking App , Limousines Booking App
  • Interactive Voice Response system and Telephony system with voice recoding
  • Automated dispatch system that works with combination of zone ranking and nearest cab
  • Lease management by shift, daily, weekly, commission based
  • Complete billing and invoice system for postpaid services
  • Fleet management both for regulatory and cost of repair management
  • Driver and driver shift management
  • Ride Sharing and route management

Each of its multiple software solutions is designed to work together efficiently and intuitively, helping the transportation service providers (TSP) to integrate all parts of the business easily and with a minimum of training and manpower. Time is money in the industry, and software that does not work together efficiently in the software-driven marketplace is a waste of time.

The centerpiece of the ITCurves suite of solutions is the MARS booking app, which makes all aspects of customer booking easy, including vehicle and driver selection, complex bookings, and payments, and works directly with ITCurves' Call Center and Dispatch software and Manifest Builder software to easily integrate call-originated and app-originated bookings, complex bookings, most efficient route calculations, and payments. ITCurves' Cashier and IT Curves' Invoicing and Billing keep track of payments, lease obligations, and postpaid accounts – making it easy to establish ongoing relationships with businesses.

The Fleet Management and Integrated Telephony software keep you easily on top of license and maintenance for your fleet and streamline all communications, enabling management of large fleets and multiple brands easily.

  • Whether you are in the taxi, paratransit, or limousine business, our comprehensive package will provide your company with these essential applications...

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