Invest in care & thinking

Invest in care & thinking

As a way of the Smart City Planning initiative, Transit Group Incorporated(TGI) designs sustainable transportation solutions. Recently TGI group of companies was awarded a public, private cooperative based on the value thinking designs of TGI. As consulting technology partners, we recognized taxis’ ability, as a network, to provide on-demand private rides to the ADA-compliant rider. This restructuring creates mobility for the ADA rider, full day’s work for the taxi drivers, and reduces accessible rides costs for the METRO. Additionally, since the thousands of dedicated taxi chauffeurs gladly have less of a hustle and more of a dedicated route, road traffic is more controlled and reduces stress for the dedicated chauffeurs. The ADA rider appreciates having the option of a private ride without prescheduling needs. TGI creates an extra level of desirability of this product model by making invoicing integrated into the ride scheduling software giving Public Agencies ease of audit. That is, TGI provides its partner with live data and visualization for the rides booked and en route via a web-based application.

The reservation ticketing management chain is seamless and certain for invoicing reconciliation. Taxicab company’s booking and the invoicing cost is reduced and transparent as well.

The public, the private collaborative is truly a top-down solution with the ADA rider in mind, even though the benefit also comes to

Transit retaining money for other projects

The private companies have jobs

The regular rider has the option of closest cab

The on-demand chauffeur has income

The transparency of traffic

The auditing ease

And, of course, creating a better world for the ADA rider is its own reward.

Video of product

Sherri Mohebbi

Director of Outreach

Transit Group Incorporated

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