Natural Partners

Natural Partners

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Cabby people in business are available on-demand and not by schedule, humble and provider to any rider when and where required. From experience of riding cabs to being around a lot of cab drivers, most drivers are service-oriented and giving. 

This character lends well to providing service to those that require attention and care. 

Requiring Paratransit ride providers to be certified and networked will provide ease of mobility for paratransit riders, plus job security for the frailed professional driver. Drivers that are now awakened to the prevalence of angel investor ride providers are not knowledgeable in defending their rights like education providers, doctors, or senators. Like people with disabilities, this group of people needs help to retain income and not deflate by some conglomerate, undercutting prices. Government entities typically set the price of taxi rides similar to bus and metro prices and can not be raised.

While the TNCs subsidize rides by angel investors that provide the gift of mobility to the millennials, which could boost the economy, the professional driver and public transit are taking the pressure. So much random traffic is created on the road because why not take a $5 ride to ur destination than walk to the bus station, wait for an unknown amount of time for a bus and walk to your destination in cold weather or rain. 

If a conglomerate E-education company were to take over the teacher’s job, much talk would be about adjusting the educators. 

Additionally, the administrators that manage taxis, public transit companies are also at risk of losing the foundation and years of investing in the business. These jobs are changing from rigorous attention requiring to more data analysis jobs and sophisticated management software that needs monitory resources more than basic human resources. 

While the professional chauffeurs apply natural caring behavior, similar to nurses and teachers, this group of citizens is daily astounded by the lack of attention from riders and lawmakers. Representatives who can acknowledge the shift should proactively set guidelines that prevent undue hardship to the caring grassroots worker.

The meeting on Thursday felt a step in the direction of stitching the fabric that connects members despite job ranking. Holistically designing and implementing for the society is what great thinkers manage to design better than any individual would do. 

Transit Group Incorporated designs with society in mind.  Please have this small company be available at the table where there are grants or funding available to nourish our work and when there are projects that could benefit from our design and consultancy. Posted in TAXI1 Comment