About Us


IT Curves has been at the forefront of developing comprehensive solutions for transportation organizations since its foundation in 2008. We empower
all sizes and types of transportation agencies – from public to private, small to large – to compete with custom and out-of-the-box solutions. Our
comprehensive, integrated, and modern software provides tools for scheduling, dispatch, financial reconciliation, communication, vehicle
management, and much more.

We are veterans of the transportation industry, having provided our own taxi and paratransit services since our inception. Our staff is comprised of
lifelong industry experts and experienced programmers, incorporating the knowledge of each into building safe, sustainable, and community-minded
ground transportation services.

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IT Curves is a technology leader in transit and integrated transportation automation system for applications such as:

  • Intelligent reservation cloud utilizing various input methods such as smart phone app, call center, Interactive Voice Recognition, web
    reservation, and more
  • Automated dispatch system
  • Our manifest builder, ERSA, is one of the most efficient in the industry
  • Advanced in-vehicle devices for receiving routes, navigation, and safe communication with dispatch
  • Continuous automatic monitoring to provide accurate location data and forecasting for all trips, allowing for advanced reporting and
    management features
  • On-demand trip capabilities allow trips to be added by dispatch to routes in progress, where capacity and time allows
  • Microtransit system to enhance fixed routes with certain flexible deviation for additional curb-to-curb services to allow first mile/last
    mile integration
  • Integration of paratransit services with microtransit service for increased service efficiency
  • Rider wallet for program-based fare processing to calculate complex payment structures, including base fares, copays, and institutional
  • Rider eligibility system builds rider profiles from application to approval as well as allowing for rider qualifications and trip


IT Curves’ integrated solutions make it possible for transit providers to be at the forefront of mobile and management technology and compete in the
modern marketplace. We work with all of our clients to continue building and improving the system, providing support throughout the duration of the
relationship. Whether a new client or in year ten, IT Curves provides the same, consistently updated, powerful software to keep you at the forefront
of innovation and competitive in the modern marketplace.


Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and what solutions we can provide for your operation