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A New Paradigm for Taxi Operators

Taxis provide a critical service to communities providing access and transportation to the most vulnerable members within the community, even as transportation modes and options are expanding.  To keep a competitive edge, taxi companies, now more than ever, need simple and intuitive, yet powerful and comprehensive solutions for all their business needs.  The IT Curves Mobile RTaxis provide a vital service to communities, even in the age of Transportation Network Companies.  To keep a competitive edge, taxi companies, now more than ever, need simple and intuitive solutions for all business needs.  The IT Curves Mobile Resource Management System (MRMS) provides a single platform that addresses every need, from efficient dispatch to human resource management.  The out-of-the-box solution is tried and tested by taxi organizations and  is highly customizable to meet your specific needs and operational considerations.  Whether transporting individual riders calling in or institutional contracts, the billing, reporting, and management functions of MRMS will cut down on administration and increase the efficiency of your organization.

Monitor with Screenshot
Monitor with Screenshot

Keeping Your Taxi Company Competitive

The taxi industry is at a turning point being challenged on multiple fronts; competition from the new business model of Transportation Network Companies, and on the other there is expanding overall ridership and greater need than ever for trained and professional taxi drivers. To meet today’s challenges, taxi providers will need to be innovative and agile. Innovative to offer competitive levels of technological service on par with Transportation Network Companies, including using a state-of-the-art rider app with the services modern riders expect. Agile to leverage their professional driver force to serve specialized contracts, including paratransit and other medically sensitive transportation that may require additional driver training and a more complex fare system. In both cases, taxis need competitive, specialized, and flexible billing structures to take advantage of the unique strengths of taxi services.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Our Efficient Ridesharing Algorithm, which governs the routing process and automated dispatch system, is an industry leader in increasing operational efficiency. It can be highly customized to fit your organization while maintaining this efficiency, whether in rideshare or individual mode. Send through electronic communication to driver devices, dispatch options include options such as trip bidding, direct dispatch to the nearest vehicle, or posting trips to walls for driver selection, and more.

Reach More Riders

IT Curves offers many ways for riders to access your services, including a simple yet functional smartphone app that competes with other popular apps, a rider portal, interactive voice response telephony, and customizable options. Rider data is saved so that repeat riders can more quickly book their trips. We even offer booking interfaces to help institutions, such as healthcare centers or hotels, to directly book and monitor rides for their clients.

Customize Your Dispatch for Special Contracts

Taxi work is more than just providing rides to mobile riders where one size fits all. To grow, it also requires specialized tools to serve institutional and governmental subsidized contracts. These often require special fare systems, billing and financial reconciliation, driver training, and fleet management tools. MRMS includes all of these capabilities in its base package because we understand the needs of the taxi industry.

Connect Your Vehicles to the Cloud

The IT Curves driver app is a powerful device that connects vehicles in the field to all the necessary taxi tools provided by MRMS. The app supports both iOS and Android devices and may be provided by the driver or by taxi companies. Administrators register the allowed devices for each operation to create a secure system for driver communication. The driver device may be equipped with an OBD2 based soft meter, removing the need for installing hard meter.


Customer Service

Customer Service Management

IT Curves’ Call Center capabilities are among the leading solutions in the industry. Our simple, intuitive interface helps agents take all the necessary details and dispatch rides with ease. Rider data is stored to automatically populate the screen with rider information and common destinations. Staff can quickly book return rides, repeating trips, view the status of existing trips to provide ETA, and more all from this central interface.

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Our Efficient Ridesharing Algorithm (ERSA) is an industry leader in efficiently grouping and dispatching shared-ride trips. This is the heart of the system for microtransit as it forms routes from pre-booked trips, dynamically adding on-demand trips, and removing the cancellations and no-shows. ERSA is extensively customizable to meet your organization’s operating needs and allows you to efficiently combine flex-route microtransit with paratransit trip demands.

Mars Booking App

Booking App

MARS is a smart phone app that provides riders with the ability to request transportation service and monitor their service in real-time. With the app, riders can track and are automatically notified of any trip status changes, the estimated time of arrival, and current vehicle location from the time of reservation until they are dropped at their destination. Riders will primarily be served by the organization they downloaded the app from, but in areas outside of that service it can find other participating taxi companies on the MARS network.

Monitor with Screenshot

Live Map

The system tracks and displays the location of all vehicles on a map for operation staff to monitor in real-time. All vehicle location and status data is automatically logged and recorded for reporting purposes, including full playback.


Auto Dispatch / Broker & TSP Portal

The dispatch system can be fully automated to suit demand-response transportation; it also allows supervisory input for manual dispatch. The system considers customizable rules, including zones, driver start times, driver location, vehicle type, and more, when automatically dispatching vehicles. The dispatch system may be used for single taxi operations, or can serve as a broker to disperse trips throughout multiple providers. The broker dispatch establishes prices for each trip, including a levy to cover the cost of the brokerage.

In-Vehicle Equipment

In Vehicle Equipment

Our in-vehicle mobile data terminals (MDT) are off-the-shelf, data-enabled tablets for receiving and sending trip data, driver navigation, two-way communication, and tracking of vehicle location and driver actions. We provide the app separately to be downloaded on yours or the drivers’ personal devices. Our accessible backseat passenger device connects with the MDT to provide riders with rich features such as trip information, entertaining and informative videos and content, payment methods, and emergency communication.



The Reporting Suite utilizes all of the recorded trip service data to provide unparalleled analyses of your operation and services. The system contains many pre-built, commonly used reports tailored for the needs of transit agencies and enterprises. Custom reports can also be created quickly and easily. Performance reports utilize Power BI integration to expand your reporting capabilities.

Integrated Telephony

Integrated Telephony and Interactive Voice Response

Our telephony and IVR system integrates with your microtransit solution to provide ease of service and features that significantly reduce the cost and load on call center staff. The interactive voice response greets riders by name, lets riders book trips from commonly used addresses without a call-center agent, and automatically populates all their details on the call center screen if they need an agent. Automated calls to riders before their pickup with live status updates and at-location announcements. Furthermore, the VoIP may reduce the cost of telephony operations.


Cashier and Billing System

Most taxi operations oversee many postpaid accounts, including some where the fare is split between a subsidy account and a copayment. Taxicab companies also have business contracts with their drivers for lease, dispatch services, insurance, and other expenses. IT Curves’ Cashier module is a flexible and configurable system which allows reconciliation with drivers on a daily and weekly basis. The Billing module similarly creates invoices for postpaid accounts which include complete trip data to reconcile payments for both fully funded or subsidized accounts. The two are integrated to ensure complete accuracy of payments between each individual cab, the system, and the postpaid account.


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