Integrated Telephony


A Full Suite of Transit-Oriented Telephony

IT Curves is changing the way transportation organizations communicate with our transit-oriented telephony package, Intelligent Voice over IP. The system integrates with our other offerings, or with your existing transit software, to offer intelligent capabilities for any size or type of transportation organization. The package includes full Voice over IP for work-from-anywhere capabilities, integrated caller ID that uses phone numbers to identify and pull up client information, automated call outs to remind riders of their trips, interactive voice recognition to process calls without agents, and more. In addition to these tools, the software also includes office features such as reporting and statistics pages, call center management screens, and extensive call recording.

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Transportation is Communication

Timeliness of communication is key to running a transit organization, particularly one which offers demand-response services. Your riders need to be able to easily book and confirm rides, check on their reservations, and access other information. Moreover, they need certainty in their ability to accomplish all these tasks quickly and accurately. Transportation agencies can ill afford to let their communications system waste time by requiring agents to look up rider data or force clients into long queues.


Our IVoIP integrates with other IT Curves systems, or with your existing ones, to offer unparalleled information sharing between modules. Rider data is shared between platforms, so when a rider calls, their information automatically populates call center screens. Similarly, the phone system reads AVL data to call riders before their vehicle arrives, greets users by name, and allows riders to book trips without call center agents.


Automated systems such as interactive voice response and call-out work with rider data to produce exemplary service. The voice response package will greet riders by name and offer them instant booking of common trips, while the call-out feature notifies riders of impending trips. All this serves to save your riders, and your organization, valuable time and effort.


IT Curves works with many transit organizations and offers intelligent transportation management software; we understand the needs transportation agencies have of their telephony. The integrations and packages you need to improve your transportation communication come out-of-the-box and ready to deploy immediately. The systems, however, are exceptionally customizable to meet your specific needs; our engineers assist in the customization process during installation.


Integrated Telephony

Voice over IP

VoIP dynamically connects your phone system to your existing internet service, allowing for consolidation of services. Phone numbers, shared queues, and voice conference rooms can all be added and deleted as necessary. Anywhere with an internet connection can log-in to VoIP, allowing work-from-home capabilities.

Caller ID

Caller ID

Any call coming into the system initiates a search for the client who uses that number. Whether reaching an agent in the call center or going to IVR, that rider data will be used to greet the caller and to better and more expeditiously serve their request.


Automated Call Out

When integrated with vehicle devices, the telephony system can use the AVL data to create a proximity alert and automatically call out and inform clients of their vehicle’s imminent arrival. This reduces cancellations and wait times, as well as improves customer satisfaction. It is moreover an important accessibility feature for riders who do not use the app.


Dialplan Configuration

IT Curves can set up any number of private and public phone numbers for your organization, including porting existing numbers. IVoIP has few limits in setting up additional lines and dial plans, allowing you to adapt on the fly to changing demand and staffing capabilities.



The interactive voice recognition package allows callers to book, pay for, and receive information about their rides without the need of a call-center agent by using either dialpad options or voice recognition. The system greets callers by name, offers them the choice of booking commonly used addresses and trips, access to information about their upcoming trips, payment options, and more. IT Curves offers both packages for dialtone options and voice recognition packages in multiple languages.


Softphone and Hardphone

IT Curves can set up both physical phones and computer-based softphone interfaces for your organization. Either type of phone can be assigned a specific number, or made part of a queue, with a management interface to allow change at need. The system provides complete flexibility to suit not just your needs now, but as they change with your organizational demands.


Reporting & Statistics

The Reporting Suite utilizes all of the information produced in calls to present unparalleled analyses of your data. The system contains dozens of pre-built, commonly used reports tailored for the needs of transit agencies and their call centers. We have recently added Power BI integration to expand our reporting capabilities.


Agent Utility & Live Agent Screen

The agent screens allow for the easy and quick management of queues by providing managers with the tools to view which agents are online and assign them as needed. The screens include data on agents to show their speed, efficacy, and other statistics. The system provides exceptional control over your communications operation, no matter where your staff are.


Call Recording & Playback

The IT Curves cloud server hosts the IVoIP system, and all calls are saved for future reference and playback.


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