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The Cutting Edge of Transportation Technology

Since our foundation when we pioneered the use of mobile data for vehicle tracking, IT Curves has continually implemented and developed new technologies for use in transportation management. These innovations improve the ease of use and service experience for riders and increase the efficiency of business operations. Our pioneering solutions integrate our in-vehicle equipment and rider app with new technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, facial recognition, and more. With these technologies in hand, IT Curves provides an enhanced rider experience and connectivity both now and in the future.

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Where's My Ride
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Remaining Competitive with Advanced Technology

Technology already defines the modern transportation industry, so transportation service providers must stay at the cutting edge of technology to remain competitive and relevant. One key aspect of this is how riders interface with rider-facing technology, including accessibility, automation intelligence, and ease of use. Transit agencies need technology that positively identifies riders, enables them to reserve and pay for rides, track vehicle location and status, and otherwise maintain and improve the rider experience with minimal interaction from drivers and service employees. Moreover, advancements in autonomous vehicle technology stand to make these features a necessity.

Automate your workflow

IT Curves automates rider and driver interactions, thus minimizing reliance on manual inputs and improving consistency of data while reducing operational burdens. This automation creates a better rider experience, freeing drivers and staff to focus on quality of service.

Reduce Fraud

Rider identification, tracking and automatic on-boarding via facial recognition, QR codes, and Bluetooth Low Emissions technology greatly reduce the incidence of fraud and mistakes by automating and recording the trip service process.

Improve the Rider Experience

Enhanced accessibility and ease of use, automated features, touchless payment, and real-time trip tracking give riders the confidence and convenience expected in today’s transportation marketplace.

Reduce No Shows and Cancellations

Keeping riders informed of the status of their ride and providing enhanced communication between the rider, driver, and operation staff improves rider confidence while reducing the occurrence of no shows and cancellations.



Bluetooth Low Emitting (BLE) Beacons

BLE Beacons work by broadcasting signals which devices can use to approximate their location. IT Curves uses beacon technology to help riders locate their vehicles in busy environments by combining beacons equipped in vehicles with the rider application. The rider application, when near the assigned vehicle, provides step-by-step instructions to guide riders to the vehicle. The use of beacon technology does not stop there, as the beacon will assist during the onboarding/offboarding process by detecting when the rider has entered and left the proximity of the vehicle.

face Recognition

Rider ID via Facial Recognition and QRC

Facial recognition has been used by big tech companies around the world. At IT Curves, we utilize this technology to recognize our riders during the in-vehicle onboarding process. The in-vehicle equipment will scan riders and match the facial scan to a rider profile. Once a match is detected, the system can charge the rider's wallet and the trip will begin. Inside the vehicle, the equipment can greet riders by their name.

Where's My Ride

Where’s My Ride

Where’s My Ride (WMR) provides riders with the ability to see their booked trip and up to date status of their ride. Riders are notified of any status changes for their trips directly on their devices. The application provides real time data of their assigned vehicle’s location, which is visible in the tracking screen of the app. Riders will see the estimated time of arrival of the vehicle to the pickup location. Once in the vehicle, riders have the ability to monitor their trip to the drop off location with an ETA. These features provide riders with all the tools they need to manage all their trips.


Rider Trip Program Eligibility

IT Curves’ Eligibility Portal assists riders throughout the eligibility process by providing easy to use forms and monitoring tools. All documentation and forms can be submitted electronically via the portal. Riders can select from a list of available programs based on their location and transportation needs. Riders tie their account to the rider app by logging in with matching credentials.


Payment Processing

Riders have as many ways to pay for their trips as your organization plans to allow. Built-in features allow for cash reconciliation, credit card processing via smartphone app or in-vehicle devices. The app-based digital wallet allows for automatic payments or one-time deposits to establish a balance. IT Curves has integrated these capabilities with our advances in Bluetooth and facial recognition technology to make payment even easier and more secure.


Flexible Booking

IT Curves has many methods of rider reservation, allowing riders to use the booking method they prefer. Riders can simply open up their rider app or web portal and quickly reserve trips online. They may also call the agency and make reservations through automated interactive voice response or reaching call-center staff.



Riders are diverse and so are their needs. The rider application was built with this in mind and incorporates multiple accessible features such as easy-to-navigate menus, adjustable display, and text to speech/voiceover. With the addition of the in-vehicle equipment and features, IT Curves strives to serve every passenger need.

Contact Driver

Contact Driver

IT Curves enables riders and drivers to communicate with each other directly from their smart devices, providing both the rider and driver with a one push button to place a call. To protect the privacy of both rider and driver, their personal numbers are hidden and instead the company’s number is displayed.


Where’s My Ride is a complete set of rider interactivity tools that enhance
the rider experience and ensure smooth, AI-assisted, and automated
interactions at every step of the rider’s journey. More than just a
smartphone app, the artificial intelligence in Where’s My Ride integrates
multiple cutting-edge technologies into a single transit software package
such as Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, facial recognition, AI-assisted
automated processes, and more.


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