Fleet Management


The Fleet Management module is a dynamic part of IT Curves’ Integrated Transportation Management System. Fleet Management is comprised of three components, with each performing specialized functions. The Renewal and Periodic Report section is designed to keep track of renewals required by jurisdictional authorities such as state inspections and meter inspections. Periodic and preventive maintenance is scheduled by each operation, based on mileage or number of days between repairs.

The Repairs and Tickets Management section tracks the creation of tickets, parts required for each repair, completion of the tickets, and release of the vehicle. The Parts Inventory section is an easy-to-use group of functions, including vendor list, purchase orders for parts, and tracking of parts used for each vehicle.


For ease of use, a dashboard screen shows all relevant information at a glance and allows users to go to a deeper level of detail:

  • The Live Ticket feature allows users to view the list of tickets in progress
  • The ticket cost bar graph shows the cost by month and allows access to list of tickets
  • The renewal reminder and periodic service reminder shows the number of overdue and soon-due vehicles and allows drilling down through the list of vehicles in each category
  • Part quantity status, fuel cost and odometer reminder are displayed and can be quickly accessed


Scheduled renewals for licenses and inspections and managing periodic preventive services are important and create better business economy.

  • The system allows for multiple renewals to be scheduled for each vehicle, tracks each service by the date and provides notice in advance
  • User can pre-define some services as periodic by miles or number of days. The system will determine whichever comes sooner and provide notice
  • The system allows multiple ways to update vehicle miles, including driver’s device, cashier, or repair shop
  • The system provides easy access to vehicle details to reschedule renewal or periodic services

Fleet management


  • Ticket Management
  • Parts and inventory management
  • Vehicle list maintenance


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