Integrated Telephony


The IT Curves’ Telephony system is a feature-rich Asterisk-based PBX system, that is fully integrated with IT Curves’ Call Center and Dispatch modules. It is designed to be able to recognize a called-number, which allows a single call center to process a call for multiple companies using each company’s name.

Integration with Call Center switches the call taker software screen to called companies and using the Caller ID automatically retrieves the last trips recorded from that Caller ID. This integration not only allows the Call Center agent to responds to callers using the company name, but also refers to the customer by the customer’s name, which pops up on the screen.


Integrated Telephony and Call Center features include:

  • Call agents can log into multiple lines on a single phone, which enables them to respond to calls for multiple companies
  • Ring all available call agent phones, awith call going to first responder
  • Customer location is filled in, and a popup screen displays a list of his or her previous trips
  • Branded responses for multiple cab companies switches the call taker screen to the corresponding company


The Call Out feature enables drivers to contact their customers upon arrival from the driver’s smart device.

  • Driver initiated by simple click of a button
  • Greatly reduces the need for call center agents to call the customer
  • The co-located stand policy is designed for calls from hotels that go to taxis in line at the hotel stand.
  • Plays a recorded message from the company.
  • Informs the driver when the customer answers the call


  • Reports & statistics
  • Live Agent Screen
  • Standing and Multi-Orders
  • Call Recording
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


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