Mars Booking App


MARS (Mobile App Roaming System) is a trip booking app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. It’s easy-to-use interface is packed with features and is designed to seamlessly connect passengers across the country with Transportation Service Providers (TSP) that serve their local area. MARS provides many options for the customer, from a simple 3-step booking process to more complex options that can include booking for friends or package delivery.

MARS is designed to provide service to multiple TSPs and will only work with participating licensed TSPs with agreed-upon roaming rules. MARS does not interfere with company dispatch policies and allows each company to operate within it’s own regulations. Back end software provides each TSP the ability to monitor and manage their participation within MARS.


MARS is designed to serve many service providers participating in roaming agreements.

  • Choose preferred transportation provider
  • Choose preferred vehicle type — sedan, SUV, limo, shuttle, hybrid, or others
  • View accurate fare estimates and info provided by the service provider
  • Different levels of interaction, from quick 3-step booking to comprehensive choices
  • Save favorite and recent addresses for convenient future booking
  • Book a trip for now or for the future
  • Book trips for friends and family or package delivery with detailed driver instructions
  • Enter instructions for the driver


MARS offers secure registration of credit cards. Payment via credit card with the app is simple and convenient for both passengers and drivers.

  • Sensitive credit card data is stored with the processor, not on the booking app and may only be used with participating TSPs
  • Payments with the app are received by each TSP directly
  • Pay securely with the app or in vehicle with cash, vouchers or credit card
  • Add multiple cards to customer profile
  • Enter promotional codes & credits for full or partial fare payment
  • Receive email receipts for each trip or credit card payment
  • Add driver tip directly within the app


  • Tailored to each service provider
  • Branded and exclusive app
  • Find the best available driver for your trip
  • track vehicle en route



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